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Operation Share Success Stories

In various ways our local economy is worse off than in prior years, which means many households are struggling to make ends meet.  With limited funds to support their families, utility bills are one of the items that can fall behind schedule causing an interruption to service.


Regardless of the reason for financial hardship, UGI wants customers to know that help is available to qualified customers.  Operation Share Energy Fund provides funds to restore utility service. So, for every child who wishes for a warm home, we try to help.

Donor Observation

Theresa Antolik, part of the UGI “Miracle Team”, eloquently answers the question why donate:

“In today’s economy there are many families that used to be fine that now [find] themselves struggling to make ends meet and keep their homes. I never want to take those basic necessities for granted.”

Recipient Stories of Sharing

Video:  Donald explains why he turned to Operation Share for assistance in paying his heating bill.

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“I am so grateful for receiving a grant from Operation Share. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.”

Marian E.


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“I just wanted to send you a thank you note for the help that you provided for me for help with our UGI bill.  It is greatly appreciated and meant a lot to us to get us caught up with our UGI bill.  Again, thank you.”

Linda H.


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“Thank you very much for the assistance. You don’t know how much of a help this is for me right now.  This truly is a great program.”

Melissa S.


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“Thank you for paying my UGI bill in the amount of $271.16.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated. You are a blessing to myself (and son).  Again, thank you very much!

P.S. And, please express my appreciation to the Red Cross of Susquehanna Valley.”

LaVerne D.


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“We are grateful to be able to partner with UGI to help alleviate the financial difficulties so many families are experiencing at this time.”

Captain Timothy Lavenbein, Corps Officer
Salvation Army Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Division