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LIURP Customer Assistance Program

Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) or Weatherization
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Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) is a program that offers free energy conservation measures for high-usage, low-income households to help reduce energy bills.

Possible energy-saving measures provided through LIURP can include ceiling insulation; floor, duct and hot water pipe insulation; caulking and weather-stripping; gas heater repairs; and water flow restrictors.

This program is open to residential UGI customers who have been at the same address for at least 12 months and meet the program’s minimum usage requirement (see income guidelines below).


Proactive Rehabilitation Program from UGI

The Rehabilitation Program was designed by UGI Utilities, Inc. with the intent of taking a pro-active approach to the existing Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) offered by our company. This program allows UGI Utilities, Inc. to contribute funding for the installation of approved energy efficient measures at the time of new construction or rehabilitation of an existing property. This program provides UGI Utilities, Inc. the opportunity to partner with Community Based Organizations throughout the service territory to distribute these funds to housing projects.

This program varies from the traditional LIURP program because the energy efficient measure will be installed before service is activated at the property. Therefore Rehabilitation Program recipients will benefit from the energy efficient measures the first day they establish utility service.

This program is available to non-profit organizations in the UGI Gas, UGI Penn Natural Gas, UGI Central Penn Gas and UGI Electric service territories. Any Community Based Organization interested in obtaining further information or funds through this program may contact UGI Utilities’ Customer Outreach Department at liurpteam@ugi.com or call 800-844-9276.

LIURP Household Income


Household Members
Annual Income
Monthly Income
Weekly Income
Per Addition Member$6,480$540$125

A percentage of customers who have extenuating circumstances can be accepted at 200% Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Call 800-844-9276 to find out more.

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